How to post a picture on a thread.

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How to post a picture on a thread.

Post  Túrin on Fri May 22, 2009 12:23 am

You need to host your picture online somewhere:



For this, I'll go through the imageshack process:

On the main page, look for sign up and get an account established.
Then, go to "My Images" on the top orange bar.
On the right menu, choose "Upload Image."
Browse for your picture on your computer, then hit "Upload."
Now, in your "My Images," you should see your picture.
Click on the small "i" next to the picture, or right click and go to "Share It."
In the large white area, copy the first part, from the first .
- The "By" line doesn't have to be there.
Now, on these forums, when you open a reply, in the text area, paste the line from imageshack.
You can click "Preview" at the bottom to make sure it works.

KK, now go load some funny pics, like me in my tanking gear, lol

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